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Challenges Keep Us On Our Toes!

Posted by Rick Fisher on Jun 5th 2017

Dear Friends,

Talk about a long time coming!  Our new company's shopping website finally launched in mid-June 2017, and getting it up and running is a good example of the challenges we've faced in getting the whole company up and running.  Collecting product descriptions and photos in one place, formatting them, discovering that our hosted storefront is not compatible with our payment gateway or our credit card processor, researching new e-commerce solutions, programming shipping information . . . oh boy, it's almost enough to make someone insane!

We certainly never expected all of the snares, snags and pitfalls that we've faced.  Many days and weeks have seemed to feature little net progress, as sometimes our steps forward were negated by steps backward.  But we have continued working, and overcoming the challenges, and the twin lessons learned have been:  (1) expect unexpected problems, and (2) perseverance brings about progress.

Now we're in business, and we're looking forward to providing high-quality service and products to dollmakers and other porcelain artists.  And the more we can do those things, the faster we will grow as a company.  The kinks will be worked out as we go along, and each day will have its share of work to get done until one day (we hope!), we will be able to say to ourselves, "wow, look what we've built and look what it's taken to do it!"

To you, our customers, we simply want to thank you for your patience.  We look forward to helping you succeed, and we're happy to have your business as we move forward together.


Rick and Donna