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STONEWARE SLIP - Desert Sandstone - 2.5-gallon package

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STONEWARE SLIP - Desert Sandstone - 2.5-gallon package


Surplus stock of Seeley's "Desert Sandstone" stoneware.  (Can you say that 3 times fast?)

Smooth cone 6 slip that works great with many ceramic 04-06 colors. Fire color on soft-fired greenware or bisque.  Stoneware is sturdy and chip resistant, with rich jasper-like-texture, perfect for both decorative and utilitarian ware. Easy to cast, clean and fire. Shrinks 12% in cone 6 firing at which temperature it is strong and mature.  Comes in 2.5-gallon plastic-lined boxes.  For shipping costs, send an email to request estimates.

Also available separately are jars of tint that can be mixed with this stoneware slip to produce different colors:  Olive Sandstone and Pewter Sandstone.