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CHINA PAINT BLUEBONNET - unapproved and discontinued color

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CHINA PAINT BLUEBONNET - unapproved and discontinued color

Dry paint in a 2-dram glass vial (average weight varies by color).  Mix with media, apply to bisque, and fire to Cone 018.   Please understand that the true appearance of these colors may vary from the images you see because of the various capabilities and settings of different computers, monitors and printers.


THIS IS AN UNAPPROVED AND DISCONTINUED COLOR PACKAGED IN A SEELEY'S VIAL.  Unapproved means it was not released for sale because it did not perfectly match the target for that color, and that is the reason for the low clearance price.  But it is still a usable paint and a beautiful shade of blue.  Discontinued means it is not currently in production and therefore supplies are limited.